Quality Policy

Our quality policy is an integral and indivisible part of the business policy of DTM Consult d.o.o.. The quality policy is based on the application and maintenance of a market-oriented business system, the basic element of which is continuous improvement of products and services, in order to meet the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers, as well as increasing the share of the organization in production and services on the domestic and foreign markets.

The QMS policy is in line with the development plans of DTM Consult d.o.o., requirements and expectations of current and new customers and other stakeholders as well as the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. The modalities for the implementation of this IMS Policy are:

1. Ensuring and continuously improving the Quality Management System (QMS), based on customer requirements, applicable legal regulations and employee responsibilities.
2. Realization of the specified levels of quality in the production and installation of equipment for ventilation systems and other products of the metal industry (production and installation of new generation ventilation systems, production and installation of parts for the automotive industry, steel structures, metal works, sheet metal cutting, profiling of circular elements , laser cutting); through competitiveness and customer satisfaction.
3. Permanent training, improvement and motivation of all employees to achieve good mutual cooperation, trust and belonging to DTM Consult d.o.o.
4. Increasing profits and reputation of DTM Consult d.o.o.
5. Establishing and maintaining good business relationships with suppliers and subcontractors DTM Consult d.o.o. Continuous increase in customer satisfaction and other stakeholders.

Management ” DTM Consult ” d.o.o. determines the measurable objectives of the QMS. Regular monitoring, reviewing the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system, monitoring customer satisfaction and other stakeholders, the ratings of supervisory bodies, as well as regular internal audits are monitored by the realization of this QMS Policy.

The QMS Policy is binding for all the employees of DTM Consult d.o.o .. In the implementation of this QMS Policy all employees in the organization participate, and I have a special responsibility for its realization as the Director of DTM Consult d.o.o.

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